Sunday, 12 April 2009

Final from Symphony No 1 by Louis Vierne

This is a magnificent piece by the blind organist Louis Vierne. It is one of Vierne’s earlier works, and really shows off the energy of the organ. Best heard live – and on a better instrument!

Version 1 Vierne Final (Recorded 15th March 2002)

Version 2 Vierne Final (Live) (From memory) (Recorded 12th April 2009)
Inspired by my pianist friends, earlier this year I decided to learn how to memorize music. This is my first performance from memory of any piece of this sort of scale and complexity. I memorized it in 8 days with three sessions on the organ and the remainder on the piano. Unlike playing from a score, playing from memory is a step (or leap) of faith as when you start playing you cannot be sure that you will actually reach the end! It is however good to be free of the stress of page turners (which in my experience jiggle the music constantly for fear of missing the turn, and then when it comes to the turn still manage to miss it). It is a recording taken from the end of an Easter church service, so forgive the chatter in the background!

John Bladen.

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